VERChem® Pre-commissioning Services includes SilentSteam® Blow and Airblow Processes

VERChem® offers the SilentSteam® Blow and Airblow Processes as part of our Pre-commissioning Service line for superior and faster cleaning of steam system components. Advantages of SilentSteam® Blow Technology includes the following:

Our SilentSteam® Blow produces CFRs of greater >1 .... continuously at high velocity and low pressure, does not require temperature and pressure cycling of steam system being cleaned thereby eliminating stresses associated with these practices.

"Silent" because blowing noise levels is 80 dB and below at 100 ft from the steam outlet. The low noise level as compared to conventional exhaustic blow techniques will not disrupt other site activities and surrounding communities.

Shorter Cleaning Time allowing faster and trouble-free start-ups.

AirBlow SilentSteam® Blow

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