Foam Cleaning Service for Condensers, Steam Turbines and Gas Turbines

Condenser with its many tubes are best cleaned using chemical foam. Chemical foam cleaning allows a condenser to be cleaned within a 24 hours period, this condenser cleaning time is not possible with HP water jetting or other mechanical cleaning methods. The newly cleaned condenser tubes allow the plant owners to restore the overall efficiency of the condenser. Condenser foam cleaning technology have also been applied sucessfully for the cleaning of steam turbine and gas turbine.

With foam cleaning, steam turbine and gas turbine can be cleaned in-situ without disassembly, effectively recovering lost output without lengthy downtime. Small amount of copper deposits in the high-pressure section of steam turbine can caused major loss in MW output. These deposits in the past can only be remove by grit blasting during the 5 yearly turbine outage, with foam cleaning technology, the MW losses can be easily recovered over a weekend outage. For gas turbine, current practice of on-line washing is effective only for the first few row of blades before centrifugal forces throws off the cleaning fluid leaving not contact between fluid and blades, with foam cleaning technology, all section of the compressor can be effectively cleaned ensuring complete removal of the deposits and restoring turbine performance.


Condenser Tube Before Cleaning

Condenser Tube Sheet and Tube Before Cleaning


Condenser Tube During Cleaning. All Tube Filled

Foam Cleaning in Progress


Condenser Tube After Cleaning

Condenser Tube After Cleaning


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