EZE-CLEAR CFE is the heavy Industry's TOP performing controlled breakout detergent.


F310 EZE-CLEAR CFE detergent specifically targets applications where large volumes of hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) need to be cleaned from heat process equipment in refineries, petrochemical plants, paper mills and other heavy industries, as well as exchanger bundles. EZE-CLEAR CFE detergent contains zero hazardous chemicals. In fact, EZE-CLEAR CFE is lower in toxicity than most hand soaps. During the decontamination process, this concentrated blend of liquid detergents, normally diluted in water, is used to degas, degrease and help remove pyrophoric iron sulfides through liquid circulation or the Steam Fogging process. EZE-CLEAR CFE is also used at ambient temperature to remove light oils. Using a small amount of EZE-CLEAR CFE in the hydroblasting cleaning process can greatly improve the condition and performance of a bundle.

So what's in it for you? EZE-CLEAR CFE will save you time and money. Unlike the competition, EZE-CLEAR CFE is a detergent, not a solvent, and therefore does not contain substances deemed hazardous by the EPA. This biodegradable detergent includes a specially modified multifunctional additive for improved oil holding capacity, low foam and maximum surface wetting. EZE-CLEAR CFE is safe to be used on all known coatings and construction materials and has minimum effect on wastewater treatment systems.

Call us, we are ready to use the Clear For Entry family of products to clear your system of H2S, benzene and other VOCs to achieve lower than acceptable LEL levels in addition to removing oil and grease from process equipment.

EZE-CLEAR CFE is Excellent, Efficient
  • Reduces decontamination time for personnel entry up to 90%
  • Economically removes oil and VOCs from process equipment
  • Low foaming
  • Eliminates H2S and benzene
  • Promotes the removal of pyrophoric iron sulfide during the decontamination process
  • Environmentally friendly, non-hazardous and biodegradeable
  • LEL to 0
  • Terpene free
  • Phase Seperation of organic materials - normally 12-24 hours
  • Compatible in customer procedures
CLEAR Everywhere, Everything
  • Cat Cracker units
  • Crude/Pipestill units
  • Coker units
  • Hydrocracker units
  • Sour water stripper units
  • Ethylene units
  • Hydrotreaters
  • Amine units
  • Hydrofiners
  • Reformers
  • Meroxฎ units
  • Gas compressor systems
  • Hydrocarbon and sour water tanks
  • Flare systems
  • Production facilities


Onset of heated EZE-CLEAR CFE removal
of heavy hydrocarbon sludge from sand.

Completed heavy hydrocarbon sludge
removal from sand after one hour in


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