Brings back ethylene unit equipment efficiency and saves on energy costs.


EZE-RINZ CFE was designed specifically to tame the toughest of heavy ethylene tar buildups in equipment such as quench systems and separators. This intense, process treatment chemistry is composed of a special blend of detergents and solvents which break down tars and other heavy hydrocarbons, providing remarkable results in a much more economical way.

EZE-RINZ CFE is a ONE PASS cleaner, this aggressive emulsion rapidly degasses and degreases process equipment.Tough on tar, yet easy on the environment, EZE-RINZ CFE is completely biodegradeable and drops LEL’s to 0. It has a minimum impact on wastewater treatment systems and has been tested safe on all known metallurgy.

EZE-RINZ CFE has been proven effective in concentrations as low as .5% by water volume. Typically recommended concentrations are between 2% and 5%. It has a concentrate pH of 9.0. The need for cooling process equipment down prior to application is generally reduced as well. EZE-RINZ CFE is effective over a wide range of operating temperatures – from ambient to greater than 180º F.

EZE-RINZ CFE is versatile and can be applied by liquid circulation, steam and soak or through the use of Steam Fogging.



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