In the Alkaline Copper Removal (ACR) process, VERChem uses Vertan™ 675 chelating agent to safely and effectively remove operation deposits from boiler tube internal in the alkaline pH range of 9.2 instead of using corrosive acid. Iron oxides are first removed followed by copper scale. At the end of the copper removal stage, the newly cleaned boiler surface is passivated all achieved with a single solvent fill.

A300 corrosion inhibitor is the inhibitor of choice for the Alkaline Copper Removal (ACR) Process and represents a dramatic breakthrough in corrosion inhibitors. Used with our Vertan® (EDTA) chelants and citric, organic, sulfamic and sulfuric acids, A300 offers superior corrosion protection and unmatched solubility.

No other inhibitor on the market has the reduced hazards and low toxicity features of A300. (See toxicity ecology laboratory data.)

Corrosion inhibitor A300 has no known carcinogens or ethyleneglycol derivatives.



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