Degrease, remove millscale and passivate your newly built plants with Vertan® 665 Single-Fill Chelant Cleaning Chemistry.

Our Single-Fill Vertan™ 665 Low Chloride Content Chelant Chemistry that will remove oil, millscale and passivation the newly cleaned tube surfaces in on single volume of chemical.

Advantages of the Vertan® 665 (V665) process are as follows:
  * Vertan™ 665 has a very low corrosion rate compared with other mineral acids
  * Low toxicity therefore posing minimal hazard to plant and personnel on site.
  * V665 is a low chloride formulation and is safe for use on system with stainless steel components.
  * Eliminates multiple fills and drains which are required when using conventional acid cleaning methodology.
  * Requires less water.
  * Produces only one volume of chemical effluent and one volume of rinse water.
  * Requires less effluent storage.
  * Reduces waste treatment cost.
  * Gives excellent results.



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