Silent-Steam Blow

quick & quiet

Silent-Steam Blow

Conventional methods of cleaning steam path components produce temperature and pressure cycling that cause undesirable stresses on tubes, headers and other equipment, while generating useful cleaning forces for only a fraction of each cycle’s time. Traditional steam blows take more time and because of excessive noise, disrupt workers and the surrounding community.

Our Silent-Steam Blow method eliminates these problems and provides superior cleaning. It cleans faster, allowing the steam path components to be blown continuously for hours at a time at near sonic velocities, high-cleaning force ratios, low pressures and noise levels. The noise levels are so low that Silent-Steam Blow method steam blows are routinely conducted on a 24-hour basis.

This patented method is called Silent-Steam Blow for a reason. Even without a silencer, the process typically results in noise levels of 80dB or less at a distance of 100 feet from the outlet.

Superior cleaning

Eliminates Excessive
Noise & Pressure


  • Quieter, operates continuously at low noise levels < 80dB
  • Loose materials easily swept out of tubes and piping
  • Provides faster, superior cleaning of steam path components
  • More cost effective than traditional steam blows

Applicable Equipment:

  • Pre-commissioning services for boilers, reheaters, superheaters and steam piping

Proven Results