Foam Cleaning

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Foam Cleaning

The selection of a suitable foaming agent and solvent compatibility to the system material is critical to the success of foam cleaning. Our foam cleaning process removes many organic deposits from surfaces that are difficult to clean using normal methods. Virtually our cleaning solvents can be foamed with nitrogen or air. Increased operating efficiency results in rapid pay out of chemical foam cleaning costs.

We have successfully cleaned utility equipment such as Surface Condensers, Lube oil coolers, High-pressure turbines and Heat exchangers. Our foam cleaning process was originally developed to clean power plant surface condensers. The process uses a foamed solvent that completely fills the condenser and removes fouling deposits that seriously affect the condensers’ operating efficiency.

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Refinery & Chemical Plant

Equipment used in the petroleum refining and chemical manufacturing industries has unique design features that lend themselves well to chemical cleaning with foamed solvents. These design features include:



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Condenser Tube 1
Before After
Condenser Tube 2
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